MadFox is a Chia forks exchange service. So here you can only exchange coins by coins. Chia forks by chia forks. You can't buy cryptocurrency for fiat currency here.


  • MadFox don't take an exchange fee then you create an order. Hey, you can create billion orders if you want!

  • When you create a new order the system takes your coins as a deposit. Then you will wait when somebody to respond your order. Maybe it take some time.

  • If you interested in someone else's order and click button "Buy", an exchange will be made immediately.

  • It happens immediately but... In fact, the transaction will take a few seconds or minutes, its speed depends on the speed of blockchain.

  • MadFox charges buyers a fee for the exchange - 0.25 %.

  • In your account, you can always track the status of your orders and see history of your transaction history. In addition, you can cancel your non-responded order in your account at any time. In that case, you will pay only a symbolic fee to the miners, or maybe will not pay any fee. It will depend on the load of the blockchain.

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